:lol: Yes it's 3 to 1, trying bribe Mitchell might end with you being cuffed on the ground getting all miranda-ed and rest assured, we'll play on ACE3 public again once all the problems with the latest bohemia/ACE/mission updates are sorted out.
Nox, I believe is 3 PMC to 1 Public. I'm not sure if it's still the same rule. Someone with greater power than I holds the answer you seek
i heard that you can bribe Mitchel with a lemon lolly pop to let you in :) however don't do it when hes garbing his glock.
If it was so easy to join Realism, everyone would play it.
i'm afraid if i download the mods for the realism server they gonna play something else just like with the ACE3 when i was done downloading the mods XDXD
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