This page is mainly about our gaming community. For information about our milsim unit (B.A.D. PMC), please click on "Milsim Unit" on the left menu.

Bad Company is a gaming community focused on playing Arma, with members from all over the world. We believe that playing Arma is all about teamwork, and expect from membership applicants to strongly support this belief. However, we are not just a clan, but a gaming community. Anyone who visits our website or servers regularly is considered to be a community member, and we have many people that are just here to share their gaming experiences on the forums, ask for help, or spread exciting news about an upcoming game! One of the special things about Bad Company is that we take community members' opinions very seriously. We regularly hold polls on our website, and community members guide us when making decisions about our public servers.

Bad Company hosts an array of Arma 2 and 3 coop servers. Each has its own level of difficulty and realism. Our vanilla Domination servers represent the most basic level, and realism is not the point there. However, we enforce strict rules that seek to promote cooperation, and you won't be disappointed if you're looking for true teamwork! We have a zero tolerance policy against any form of disrespect, trolling or teamkilling. All of our servers are deemed to be "tough" by players, and we try to maintain that, because challenge is the best thing when it comes to promoting teamwork.

If realism is what you're after though, then look no further. Our milsim unit, B.A.D. PMC, conducts its operations on our Realism server. Our Realism server is a semi-private (no access without supervision) ACE & ACRE server, which hosts a persistent campaign that is constantly being developed, accompanied by a collection of special scripts and mods to offer an experience that you won't find anywhere else! More information on our Realism server can be found on our milsim unit information pages.

We also have our ACE & ACRE Public servers for both Arma 2 and 3. These are great places for beginners to ACE in either game, and they're also nice for our milsim unit members to take a break from the hecticness of our Realism server! Trivia: The Arma 2 Public ACE server is Bad Company's first server and has been running since 2014!


Bad Company is proud to have community members from diverse age groups. We welcome people of any age to our website and we have only one rule: "Be mature and respectful".

This rule lies in the very foundation of our community, but if you want to be more than just a visitor, and truly become a part of us, you can submit an application to become a Bad Company clan member. Clan members gain extra benefits on our servers, such as access to reserved slots, weapons or vehicles, depending on the server. 

The best thing about Bad Company membership is that we give great importance to flexibility. We don't impose strict activity requirements. We have many members that we don't see for many months, and yet they come back and continue where they left off. You are free to be as active as you want in-game or on the forums. The only thing that we expect from you in return, is not to be a member of any other Arma clan/unit, and to let us know if you want to leave the clan rather than just disappear mysteriously.

Our milsim unit, B.A.D. PMC, offers a completely different type of membership on par with old school milsim units and simulates a western PMC (private military company). More information on B.A.D. PMC is available. Just click the link below, or click "Clan membership" if you want to send in a clan application straight away. Milsim unit applicants must apply to become clan members first.

Clan Membership Milsim Unit Membership